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CM470 surface drill rigs

2022-01-13 16:52
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CM470 surface drill rigs

Most of the CM series, LM series and ECM series surface drill rigs are produced by Ingeroll-Rand of United States. At the beginning of this century, Atlas Copco acquired Ingersoll Rands plant of drill rigs, drilling machinery, down-the-hole drilling tools, air compressors, and drilling tools from all over the world according to market development. As early as 1871, Simon Ingersoll, the founder of Ingersoll Rand, developed the worlds first steam-powered pneumatic drifter. In 1902, he developed the worlds first air compressor for pneumatic drifter to makes the pneumatic drifters fully industrialized. It can be said that Ingersoll Rand is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of drilling machinery.


At present, Atlas Copco still produces these series of drilling machines by the original models in the original factory of Ingersoll Rand.


CM470 surface drill rig


hydraulic drifters for CM470 surface drill rig

Hydraulic drifters


Output power

15 kW

Rotation speed

0- 180 rpm


450 Nm


Table 3-10 Booms for CM470

Boom length

6550 mm

Feed length

4170 mm

Feed rate (Max)

0.6 m/s

Feed force(Max)

18 kN


Table 3-14 Drilling tools for CM470

Drill bits

Drill rods

Hole depth

64-89mm,button bits

T38-Round38-T38, I=3660mm extension rods.MF rods, T45-Round45-T45, I=3660mm extension rods.MF rods,

18 M

15 M